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Summer Class Schedule

June 12 – August 6

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Gymnastics – $185

Mondays 8:30 – 9:30 PM
Level: All
Learn to tumble or just practice your skills in a multi-level class where everyone, beginning student to advanced, is welcome.

Gymnastics (Advanced) – $260

Mondays 8:30 – 10 PM
Level: Intermediate
Looking to really polish your skills? Stay after Gymnastics for the 30 minute advanced class to perfect your technique. Teacher permission required.

Circus Fitness – $185

Tuesdays 8 – 9 AM
Thursdays 8 – 9 AM
Level: All
This circus class is for students who wish to experience a new and exciting way to get in their best shape ever. This class will improve endurance, stamina, muscle tone, and overall strength, as well as teaching new motor skills. Circus fitness melds the best combination of a healthy body and an agile mind for each student’s individual level of fitness. Trapeze, Spanish web, and aerial silks are among the circus apparatus which will be used to give students an amazing workout.

Circus Arts – $248

Tuesdays 6:30 – 8 PM
Level: All
In this circus class, students gain an introduction to the Circus Arts, developing a basic skill set while increasing their strength and flexibility. Tumbling, aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, Spanish web, globe, juggling, stilt-walking, and tight wire are among the skills offered.

Aerial Arts – $185

Tuesdays 8 – 9 PM
Thursdays 8:30 – 9:30 PM
Saturdays 12 – 1 PM
Level: All
Take your skills to the next level and combine aerial sequences to create performance routines.

Flexibility / Contortion – $185 / $260

Thursdays 7 – 8 PM / 7 – 8:30 PM
Level: All, Ages 10+
Not as flexible as you want to be? For serious, aspiring contortionists or people who want a really good stretch. This extreme yoga class promotes flexibility, strength and healthy circulation.

Parkour – $185

Saturdays 1 – 2 PM
Level: All, Ages 12+
Parkour is a discipline in which practitioners use their bodies to interact with and traverse all types of environments while simultaneously focusing on mental and spiritual development. You will overcome physical and mental obstacles, face fears and discover creative and natural human movements in our classes. You’ll strengthen and condition yourself so that you can last in this healthy and positive lifestyle. Students will work together competition-free, never giving up and always improving.
     Clothing: Most athletic shoes will work fine. Long pants are recommended.
     NOTE: Check the weather and dress accordingly even if you are attending a gym class; even the indoor classes sometimes go outdoors. On rainy days, it may be a good idea to be prepared with a towel, just in case.

Partner Acro – $185 for six classes

Wednesdays, June 14th – July 19th
8:30 – 10 PM

“[I] managed to do a back-tuck while being spotted by Javen…It was totally a rush! I didn’t even realize I landed on my feet until like a minute after. It was like “woah, I really just did that.” – Ryan C.

“I attempted the foot web after refusing it for two years of beginner’s classes due to fear. I finally “did” it and I was glad I overcame that fear. It was an important milestone for me as a 52 year old with no background in the gymnastic sports…” – Joel L.

The Actors Gymnasium was originally founded to provide performers with the multi-disciplinary training they wanted and needed to make more exciting theatre, including aerial acrobatics, stilt-walking, juggling, hand-balancing, puppetry, stage combat. Now, the adult classes cater to both individuals looking for unique ways to stay physical and learn new skills, as well as performers looking to hone their technique.

Adult classes include but are not limited to: Aerial Arts, Circus Arts, Circus Fitness, Contortion, Gymnastics, Parkour/Free Running and Stage Combat.

Students who are looking to take their circus training and theatrical skills to the next level or audition into a multi-year circus program may be interested in the Professional Circus Training Program.

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