show_widgetTickets for Quest, our winter circus, will be on sale January 1!


talent_widget_lw As a professional Circus & Performing Arts Organization, with over 20 years of experience providing premier entertainment and instruction, we have a variety of great options for any event!
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  • Having trouble thinking of what to gift that special someone? Have you thought about gifting circus? Actors Gymnasium offers a great selection of classes and camps for kids of all ages (yes, that includes the big kids) to create art, build confidence and become a part of the community! Visit for details and more! #ActorsGym #Circuslife #performingarts #arts #circus #confidence #create #community #Chicago #Evanston Read More 
  • It's that time of year flyers! OPEN REGISTRATION for Actors Gymnasium 2017 Summer Camp starts tomorrow, December 7! Remember, classes fill quickly ... so, click here for details and more!  Read More 
  • Huge thanks to Shani Francis Alim, Jennifer Arrington, Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi, Christine Mayer, Steve Mayer, and Virginia Nugent for sharing the Actors Gym love and raising money for Actors Gym via social media. Even bigger thanks to those who have donated so far - Jennifer Arrington, Tony Brandl, Angie Floyd, Rose Giannone, Katherine Johanns, Rachel Karn, Ava Marie, Therese Meike, Michelle Marston, Janet Rhines, Mallory Trusy, Anne Uible, Cole Vincent, Lynn Walker, Elizabeth Wislar. Read More 
  • A #throwbackthursday shout out to the Pro-Trainers Class of 2016! Read More 
  • The Pro-Trainers join in on the fun with the #MannequinChallenge! Music: "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd  Read More 
  • #TestimonialTuesday Read More 
  • Click here for details and more:  Read More 
  • At Actors Gym, not everyone becomes a professional acrobat, but EVERYONE learns to set goals, persevere, and pick themself up off the mat. Financial aid and scholarships make that possible. “I’m currently living in a domestic violence shelter. My daughter will greatly benefit from being in such a program." Parent “[Having survived chemotherapy] these classes help me feel that my body is my friend not my enemy.” - Adult student It costs $200 per student (or $25 per week) to help someone Learn to Fly – physically, creatively and emotionally. #GivingTuesday Read More 
  • Our Pro Trainers contribution to the #mannequinchallenge  Read More 
  • Our Teen Ensemble in their new team shirts. If you click like on the page, they could win a prize!  Read More