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More than ever, those who dare to be different – those who dare to put their creativity on display and show their distinctive take on the world – need strong and outspoken support.

The children, teens, and adults who express themselves through physicality and humor every day at the Gym are brave. The vulnerability they show when learning new skills and perfecting their timing creates an environment that breeds lifelong friendships. At the Gym people learn to trust and be trusted. Together, our students experiment with the teamwork, discipline, and imagination they need to go out and change their worlds.

There are many worthy causes to support, but given that you’ve already shown an understanding of what the Gym means to kids in Evanston and north Chicagoland, we hope you’ll think of us. We want to keep inspiring and teaching students to be themselves, to be strong, to be balanced, and to fly. To do that, we need your support. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today!

Award-winning children’s classes create an outlet for children to express themselves through physicality and humor.
Through creative arts partnerships, we bring circus skills to hundreds of public school students every year.
Our breath-taking event entertainment raises the profile of Chicago’s circus community and introducing people to this vital art form.



From hoodies to notebooks, we’ve got a ton of ways to show off your support of the gym.


Thank you to our supporters! Below, you’ll find gifts that were received August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020 and had a significant impact by supporting program operations and community outreach.


Eugene & Julie Amromin
Michael Browne Arrington
Jennifer Arrington
David & Kerry Catlin
Scott & Kathy Corlew Family Charitable Trust
Lily Eppel
Corrinne Fisher
Samantha Gordon & David Gordon
David Hellman & Paula Steiner
Paul Kass

Irina Konstantinovsky
Jay Marling & Sunith Kartha
Steve Mayer & Ariel Orlov
Janice Nadler & J. D. Trout
David & Jennifer Nelson
Julie & Tom O`Hare
Gabrielle Parra
Rosalyn Schultz & Henry Ettman
Christopher Thangaraj
Nancy & Michael Timmers
Yolanda Vanderlaan & Robert Sorensen


James Breen
Carlyle Coash
Deborah A. Crimmins & Paul Goerss
Joe & Paula Dempsey
Midori Fujii & Otis Berry
Dana Gerstein
The Greenberg Winnick Family
Katherine Hammond
Jonathan Hoenig
Diane Miller
Zoe Miller-Lee

Angie Mills
Lee Nagan & Amy Davis
Sue Pajakowski
Ellen Sack
Lorna Scott
Eugenie Shields
Kayla Strickland
Anne Trompeter
Jamie Weyeneth
Lisa Winn
Vanessa Zises Filley


The Aaronson and Sinai Household
Naiche Adler
Jeri & David Baran
Carole Bass
Susan Besson
Joan & Hank Bliss
Tabitha Bonilla
Scott & Linda Bradley
Stacey Burke
Connor Campbell
Catherine Caporusso
Paula Casas
Jacob Chartoff
Katherine Cichon
Michelle Cohen
Thomas Cox
Paul Demarte & Stephanie Dufford
Stephanie Dufford
Katie Eckstein
Laura Fairman
Sean Foster & Amy Demarte
John Fox
Barbara & Richard Franco
Joyce & Bill Gordon
David Graham
Lisa Greene
The Gross Family
Marylu Halperin

Dustin Harris & Lea Pinsky
Jill Heyser
Suzanne & Daniel Kanter
Rachel Kraft
Faith Laux
Adam Lazar
Mitchel Manar
Sheri Maremont & Dave Cook
Christine Mayer & Rob Coons
Jeanne Mueller
Peggy Nelson
Jesse Njus
Emily Peters
Kefira Philippe
Bill Race
Kurt Riemersma & Suzanne Clores
Kelly & Don Roberts
Michael Rubin & Marci Van Gilder-Rubin
Dori Rubin
Stephen Schwartz
Kimberly & Drew Scott
Leesa & Jes Sherborne
Amy Sullivan
Ann Tomlins
Alisha Vincent
Alicia Yamada
Thomas O. Zurfluh


Susan Abraham
Ms. Catherine Allen
Lawrence Atkin
Mollie Bass
Randall Berry & Juchien Hsu
Juliet Bond
David Borland
Locke Bowman
Devorah Buzil
Belinda Chen
Virginia Clores
Eve Coates
Marissa Dorschner
Ray Dybzinski
Rebecca Freeman
Jessica Garfield
Danielle Gennaoui
Laura & Keith Glantz
Caroline Goodrich
Michele Gover
Alexandru Grigorescu
Rudy Haidle
Elyse Hardecky
Katherine Harris
Lisa Hechtman
Devorah Heitner
Molly & Margaret Hernandez
Stephanie Hughes
Michael Kegler
Stu Kiesow
Charlotte Kovacs
Patricia Lee King

Maggie Linke
Marie Lynch
Rory Malia
Frank Maugeri
Patrick Mullenix
Susan & Art Newman
Lia Odden
Gianna Petrosino
James & Denise Kreider
Amanda Ripp
Carlee Rose
Chris & Molly Rouch
William Santamour
Carolna Schoonyoung
Carly Schuna
Madison Smith
Amy Spotts
Jessica Stanczak
Lindsey Steeg
Fujiko Taira
Tommy Tomlins
Daniela Val & Mark Kruse
Karen Vanausdal
Anthony & Jennifer Viola
Beth Walsh & Steve Larson
Tracy Walsh
Ann Wasserman
Jennifer Willbanks
Tom Wolf
Lynsey Wollin-Casey
Raven Yatabe
Ale Young


The Actors Gymnasium would like to give special recognition to the following donors for demonstrating an extraordinary lifelong commitment to financially supporting The Actors Gymnasium’s programs for giving over $5,000 throughout their lifetime of giving.

Joyce & Bruce Chelberg
Richard A. Ditton
Dean Evans
Linda Karn
Jennifer & Adam Lasik
Lee Nagan & Amy Davis
Peggy Nelson
David Schwimmer
Susie Stephenson
Laura E. Tilly & Derek Cottier
Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl Foundation
Yolanda Vanderlaan & Robert Sorensen


If you or your organization are interested in supporting The Actors Gymnasium’s innovative programming, please contact Murphy: murphy@actorsgymnasium.org

Sponsors & Partners

We are tremendously grateful to the foundations, government, and business partners who make our educational and theatrical programs possible. Our sincere thanks for the wonderful support from:

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.