Support Us DrawingAt Actors Gym, not everyone becomes a professional acrobat, but EVERYONE learns to set goals, persevere, and pick themselves up off the mat every now and again.

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Please help share the Actors Gym magic with those who need it the most.

“I’m currently living in a domestic violence shelter. My daughter would greatly benefit from being in such a program.” – Parent

“I have learned a lot of new things that could be helpful for later on in life, such as focus, concentration, and the determination of trying something over and over again until you get it right.” – Teen

“[My son] loves having a common interest with his older sister” – Parent

“The transformation to a new country with new language is hard. This class builds her self-confidence while helping her explore her body/dancing/moving skills” – Parent

It costs $200 per session (or $25 per week) to help someone pick themselves up off life’s mat and Learn to Fly – physically, creatively and emotionally. But it’s not just kids:

“Since both me and my daughter have taken classes at The Actors Gymnasium, [circus] is another thing that we can share and bond over.” – Single dad

“[Having survived chemotherapy] these classes help me feel that my body is my friend not my enemy.”  – Adult student

Donate Now

If scholarships aren’t your thing, you can view our wishlist of support items for the upcoming Winter Circus by clicking here.

Giving is Easy

    1. Donate securely right here.
    2. Send us a check. Please make donation checks payable to The Actors Gymnasium at 927 Noyes Street, Suite 100, Evanston, IL 60201.
    3. Call us at 847-328-2795.

Increase Your Impact

Donating Stock?

    • Please contact Murphy to make arrangements (and thank you)

Does your employer have a Matching Gift program?

    • Some employers double, or even triple, their employees’ contributions. It’s as easy as obtaining and completing the proper form from your human resources department, and then forwarding the form to The Actors Gymnasium with your donation.

Considering a Major Gift?

    • Call Murphy to learn more about designated giving opportunities including underwriting the new Special Needs program, scholarships for professional performers, expanding outreach, new carpet for the gym, costume storage workshop, and much more.


Contact: Murphy Monroe, Executive Director

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