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SAFD Certification classes offer at least 30 hours of training in a specific weapon with a SAFD certified instructor. After completing training, students have the opportunity to perform a staged fight in that specific weapon for the instructor and receive a certificate in Basic or Recommended Proficiency.

We are proud to offer training through the Society of American Fight Directors and Vice President Chuck Coyl. Mr. Coyl has been teaching for the Actors Gymnasium since 1997. His work has been seen on stages in Chicago, New York, London and Sydney.
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“It really appeals to and engages students at a variety of levels…It moves fast, as the instructor is very skilled and a long-time performer.” – S. Meyers

Each session, Actors Gymnasiums offers training in one of eight techniques, Rapier and Dagger, Single Sword (sabre, single rapier, Hollywood swashbuckling), Broadsword, Broadsword and Shield, Smallsword, Knife, Quarterstaff, and Unarmed Combat.

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Small Sword

April 1 – June 3rd
10a – 1:30p

Requiring a light touch and great precision this quick and beautiful weapon style is considered by many to be the pinnacle of European swordplay. This class will focus on the subtle blade play and footwork that make this weapon unique. Students will have the opportunity to take the Society of American Fight Directors skills proficiency test in small sword at the end of this course. Taught by Society of American Fight Director Chuck Coyl.

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