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Fall Class Schedule

August 28 – December 17

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Class Descriptions

Circus Arts (Beginning)

Grades 3-6: Mondays 4-5 PM
Grades 7-9: Wednesdays 5-6 PM
Grades 3-7: Saturdays 11 AM – 12 PM

In this circus class, students gain an introduction to the Circus Arts, developing a basic skill set while increasing their strength and flexibility. Tumbling, aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, Spanish web, globe, juggling, stilt-walking, and tight wire are among the skills offered.

Circus Arts Intermediate

Grades 3-6: Wednesdays 4-5 PM
Grades 3-6: Mondays 5-6 PM

Circus Arts Advanced (Instructors Approval Required)

Grades 5-7: Fridays 4-5 PM

Jr. Circus Ensemble (Instructors Approval Required)

Grades 8-9: Fridays 5-6 PM


Thursdays 6-7 PM (Flexibility), 6-7:30 (Flexibility+Contortion)
Not as flexible as you want to be? For serious, aspiring contortionists or people who want a really good stretch. This extreme yoga class promotes flexibility, strength and healthy circulation. 

Parkour and Art du Déplacement

Saturdays Noon-1 PM (7th grade+)
Art du Déplacement and Parkour are disciplines in which practitioners use their bodies to interact with and traverse all types of environments while simultaneously focusing on mental and spiritual development. You will overcome physical and mental obstacles, face fears and discover creative and natural human movements in our classes. You’ll strengthen and condition yourself so that you can last in this healthy and positive lifestyle. Students will work together competition-free, never giving up and always improving.
Clothing: Most athletic shoes will work fine. Long pants are recommended.
NOTE: Check the weather and dress accordingly even if you are attending a gym class; even the indoor classes sometimes go outdoors. On rainy days, it may be a good idea to be prepared with a towel, just in case.

(Class times and locations subject to change)

“I don’t think my daughter would be the fearless, confident, athletic girl she is today without her years of training and experience at The Actors Gymnasium. Could there be a better self-esteem booster than learning how to fly?” – Peggy N.

The Actors Gymnasium offers a variety of classes for children ages 2-18 that not only teach them various circus, aerial, and performing arts skills including juggling, unicycling, stilt-walking, tight-wire, aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, Spanish web, drama, dance and musical theatre; but also teach children how to take risks, explore their imagination and creativity, build their strength and self confidence, and develop discipline and focus.

Each kids class typically concludes with Parent Observation Week where family and friends can come see all of the new skills the students have learned. Additional training is offered for students taking part in our Fall and Spring Youth Circuses, which culminate in fully staged productions available to the public.

Kids classes and workshops include but are not limited to: Act Up and Dance, Acro-Dance, Circus Arts, Drama/Physical Theatre, Imaginastics, Introduction to Circus Arts, Parent-Tot Circus, Parent-Tot Gymnastics, and Tumbling.

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