At the Actors Gymnasium we strive to bring Creativity, Community and Confidence into the lives of our students—whatever their age and skill level. From beginner classes to opportunities to make professional connections, we take this crazy world of Circus and Performance Arts and make it your home.


CreativityAfter a class at the Actors Gym, you’ll find all your muscles are stronger—from arms to core to that wonderful creative muscle, your brain.

The Actors Gym not only hosts over 6 in house shows a year, we have also collaborated with Northwestern University and Lookingglass Theatre Company to create stunning new theatrical works. We foster the skills you need to be a part of this exciting realm of creativity in all of our classes, and especially our Professional Training Program.

“The Actors Gymnasium has profoundly transformed [my son’s] life and given this young man the opportunity to identify and hone his passion in life.”


CommunityThe Actors Gym will be more than just a place to stretch yourself—it will become your second family.

The Actors Gymnasium faculty includes approximately 20 teachers who share their knowledge by offering classes for adults and kids, as well as extremely popular and innovative skill-building workshops throughout the year.

“The Actors Gym family is an incredibly welcoming organization that builds friendships, bridges barriers, and forms amazing bonds.”


ConfidenceYou’ll find yourself accomplishing things you never dreamed of doing—with practice, you could even Learn to Fly.

From our camps to our new Special Needs program, we are committed to showing people just how much they can accomplish!

“When I am in the air, I feel a sense of confidence that I never feel when my feet are planted firmly on the ground.”

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