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What is circus?

Circus is more than elephants and clowns in big tents.

Circus is that summer after 5th grade when you spent weeks practicing backflips on the trampoline to impress your crush.

Circus is riding a unicycle to the coffee shop across town, because having two wheels is so 2014.

Circus is sitting on your friend’s shoulders on the train, because there’s no room to stand.

Circus is surprising your co-workers with an impromptu office supplies juggling show.

Circus is doing crunches upside down because today is leg AND ab day.

Circus is winning the underwater handstand competition at the beach.



CIRCUS is about taking risks and learning to fail over and over until you get it right.

It’s about physical and mental fitness. But most importantly, it’s about a community of people who seek out adventure and push themselves to do more than they ever thought was possible.

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From trapeze to stilts, there’s a lot to learn in circus classes and camps. Build strength and learn to fly!

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Amaze the guests at your next personal or corporate event with aerialists, stiltwalkers, and more!

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Our day camp will make your child’s summer unforgettable!

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We believe that circus can help everyone live a more engaging and exciting life.

From learning to fly in one of our classes, to hiring one of our performers for your event, there’s something for everyone at the Actors Gym.


We offer some of the most unique classes in Chicago. With a comprehensive series of courses designed for students of all ages and skill levels, our classes help you build strength, stay active, and learn new skills.

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The Actors Gymnasium provides Events that Fly: award-winning, unique, and awe-inspiring entertainment for private, public, and corporate events of all sizes. Let us help you craft a truly unforgettable experience!

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Young circus stars learn acting, improv, and dance – all while flying in the air!
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