Instructor Kasumi works individually with a student with special needs to develop motor skills on an aerial silk.

“[She] had a fantastic experience. I have not seen her that happy or focused in a very long time. She was happy all afternoon and went home and tried tricks at home.  It was the best day of her summer, I think.” – Alissa C.

Everyone can Learn to Fly at The Actors Gymnasium.

A new program gives students with disabilities and special needs access to the joy of circus. Circus arts is a non-competitive, creative recreational opportunity that allows individuals to shine. It has also been shown to increase focus, determination, fine motor skills, social skills, physical ability and self-esteem.

Our instructors, certified in circus therapy and education for students with a variety of needs, are passionate about creating a productive and non-competitive environment in which all students can learn and grow at their own pace

Current classes include Circus Arts for Students with Autism, ages 10 -14 and Circus Arts for Students with Disabilities, ages 16 and up.

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