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Stay in shape and hone your skills from the comfort of your living room or at the Gym. With classes ranging from Clown to Flexibility, we’ve got something for everyone.


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Your subscription helps us keep the lights on during this crisis and continue paying our artists.

Exclusive WOrkout Videos

Your membership includes access to a six video series of workout videos. Here’s a preview:

There have been very few things that I have found to be life-changing experiences; almost all of them have been initiated by the Actors Gym.
– Akemi B.
Actors Gym Student


How do I access classes once I subscribe?

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll need to sign up for the classes you’d like to attend. When you do so, just select the “drop ins” option and select the date(s) you’d like to attend.

Your membership will be automatically applied at checkout, and you’ll receive the access link automatically 30 minutes before class starts.

Can other members of my family use my membership pass?

Unfortunately, no – we are only offering individual memberships at this time.


Are any classes excluded from the membership?

Your membership provides unlimited access to all of our regular, weekly online classes except Teen Ensemble, NU SOS, and stage combat (SAFD) classes like Broadsword. Our programs that meet multiple times a week (Youth Circuses, Camps, and Summer Intensives) are also not included.


Which membership plan do I choose?

When signing up, you’ll see an adult and child membership option. Both include access to all classes, but if you are enrolling someone else in your family, please select the child option.


If you’d like to register for a class that is a different age level than your membership, just use the code MEMBER at checkout to get 100% off your drop ins.


Is there any long-term commitment?

Nope! You may cancel your membership at any time. Please note that we are unable to offer pro-rated refunds for months that have already been paid.

How do I access the workout videos once I subscribe?

You’ll receive an email shortly after signing up for the membership with the link and password to access the video library.

What happens if I can’t attend a class I’ve signed up for?

We ask members to give us 24 hours notice when they can’t attend a class they’ve enrolled in so that we can offer the spot to someone else. Members who do not notify us of their absence may be subject to a $15 fee for online classes and $30 fee for in person classes.