Happy Thanksgiving – we're thankful for everyone in our community! Please note that we will be closed W-F this week. Classes will run normally this weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performer on aerial hoopWhat should I wear to class?

  • Wear clothing you are comfortable moving in, that is not too loose fitting. Close-toed gym shoes should be worn to Parkour and all Circus classes to use during stilting and unicycling.
  • All other classes require barefeet.

Do you offer make-up classes?

  • The Actors Gymnasium does not allow make-ups for missed classes.

The session has already started, is there still room in the class I’m interested in?

  • Possibly! Please log onto our registration system and if the class of your choice is currently full, you’ll be placed on a waitlist and notified if a spot opens up.

I’m only interested in one apparatus.

  • At the Actors Gymnasium we operate on a philosophy that using multiple apparatus in conjunction with each other builds increased strength, confidence and performance skills critical to help artists achieve a level of competence that allows for the meaningful concentration on a specialized skill or apparatus.
  • Foundational skills remain constant from one apparatus to another. Wraps, climbs, hangs and most baseline tricks can be learned and improved on any apparatus. Until students reach an advanced skill level with sufficient strength and knowledge, the benefits of specializing will be minimal.

Which class should I/my child be in?

  • In general, students at The Actors Gymnasium start with and repeat recreational-level classes until they develop a higher level of confidence, strength and proficiency. While a background in dance, gymnastics or other athletic pursuits will be an advantage, circus arts and physical theatre employ our muscle groups in different ways than other activities and it most often takes several sessions for students of all ages to adapt and master skills necessary to move to the advanced level.
  • Students need to receive instructor permission to take advanced classes and in some cases, advancement is subject to passing a skills test.

Can I schedule a drop-in class to try it out before deciding to enroll?

  • Drop-in classes (for adults only) can be purchased through our online registration system for $30 per class session.

Do I need to stay and wait while my child is in class?

  • No, the parking lot at the Noyes Cultural Arts center is easy for students to be dropped off and picked up before and after class.
  • For those who want to stay nearby, there are benches throughout the building where you can wait for your child as well as Tallmadge Park just outside our doors.

Am I allowed to sit in on my child’s class?

  • No, parents are not allowed to sit in on their child’s class, unless the class is a parent-participation class.

When can I watch a class?

  • Parents, friends and guests are invited to attend class on parent observation days only, which takes place on the last class in each session. An email reminder will be sent.

Are private lessons available?

Where is The Actors Gymnasium located?

  • The Actors Gymnasium is conveniently located within the Noyes Cultural Arts Center at 927 Noyes, Evanston, Illinois.
  • We are right at the Noyes stop on the CTA purple line.
  • Cars can drop off, pick up and also park in the Noyes Center parking lot (use the meters on the Noyes St. side during business hours)

Noyes Gymnasium

Where is The Actors Gymnasium located within the Noyes Cultural Arts Center?

  • Our gym is located at the far (north) end of the building and is visible from the parking lot, past the playground. Entering through the main entrance of the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, the Gym may be reached by taking a right at the main gallery hallway and continuing to the far north end of the building. The entrance to the gym is through the last set of double doors, on the right.
  • Studio 108 is on the ground floor on the north end of the building.
  • Our office is in suite 100, which is on the ground floor at the corner of the main corridor, on the south end of the building.

What is the learning space like?

  • Circus Arts classes are taught in two spaces:
    • Our Gym is a 3,000 sq. ft space custom designed for teaching the Circus Arts with a 1,600 sq/ft sprung floor, and a fully rigged 24 foot ceiling.
    • Our Studio features a floating sprung white oak dance floor, a fully rigged 14 foot ceiling, a handstand wall, conditioning ladders, and full length 12 foot mirrors for aerial work.

Class Policies


  • All students register through our online system
  • Students who pay in full at the time of registration receive a 5% discount all others must agree to and “purchase” a payment plan at the time of registration.
  • Students may register for classes after the beginning of a session at a prorated cost. Prorated fees are not available for camps.

Refund and Cancellation


  • A full refund, minus the $25 administrative fee, will be issued for students cancelling prior to the start of the first class session. If cancellation is made prior to the start of the third class session a refund, minus the $25 administrative fee and the prorated cost of the first classes, will be issued. We do not offer any refunds after the the third class session has taken place.
  • The Actors Gymnasium does not allow make-ups for missed classes.

Winter Camp

  • Students cancelling their winter camp registration are charged a $25 administrative fee.
  • If cancellation is made prior to two weeks before the the first day of camp, a refund minus the $25 cancellation fee will be issued. No refunds will be made after 2 weeks before the start of camp.
  • Winter Camp dates are set in advance. Actors Gym does not modify camp dates in response to changes in school schedules.

Summer Camp

  • A $100 non-refundable deposit per student is required upon registration. This deposit may not be applied towards other classes or a sibling’s camp tuition.
  • Summer Camp dates are set in advance. Actors Gym does not modify camp dates in response to changes in school schedules
  • No refunds or credits after April 1st, no exceptions.

Summer Intensives

  • A $100 non-refundable deposit per student is required upon registration.
  • No refunds or credits after June 1st, no exceptions.


Students must be no younger than the class’s listed minimum-age requirement on the first day of class.


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