Actors Gymnasium's juggling ballWhile we do sell Actors Gymnasium juggling balls, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your larger circus equipment needs. Many students ask where to buy the equipment they use in class, so we’ve created a short list of vendors we know and trust.


We suggest buying through and contacting The general wheel size is 20 inches and Jugglebug is a great brand. The Jugglebug is great for younger riders because the seat adjusts all the way down. But we suggest calling to ask about height, etc. Torker is also a good brand.

Many of our students have bought unicylces, specifically giraffe unicycles, through Wheel & Sprocket in Evanston and were very happy with their experience.

Juggling Clubs & other Juggling Equipment

We suggest checking out It’s a great resource for all juggling equipment from clubs and balls, to poi, staffs, torches, rings, diavolo and more!

The clubs we stock in the gym are called Airflites.


We make our own stilts, but if you’d like a pair in the same style we use, check out

Aerial Equipment

Please contact the Actors Gym if you are planning on purchasing aerial equipment so that we can discuss the necessary safety practices.

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