What is the program like?

One of the best ways to find out if this is the program for you is to see it in action. Pro Training students Symphony & Myriam are documenting a year of the Pro Training Program with weekly vlog entries. See how students progress, the ensemble atmosphere, and what type of training takes place.

What does a typical week of training look like?

No two weeks are identical but below is an example of what an applicant could expect.

Weekly Pro Train Schedule

What happens during the 9 months?

Training starts off with a “boot camp.” Students undergo intense training for their first four weeks of the program that focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and technique. Boot Camp also provides an intensive introduction into Physical Theatre/Ensemble, Dance, Tumbling, and Juggling, and gives students the tools to craft their own workout regiment to serve them as they dive into the final 8-months of training and act development.

Here’s a look at what the Boot Camp schedule looks like:

Pro Train Boot Camp Schedule

After the boot camp, a typical week will look like the example above, including private lessons and special topic lectures and workshops. The special topics are taught by members of the circus community such as Doug Grew, Bill Auld, Amanda Crockett, Helena Reynolds, Jen Zumann, Brian Dailey and Aerial Emery and your program peers. Topics have included: Acroyoga, Pilates, Zumba, Martial Arts, Circus History, Rigging, Hat Juggling, Musicality, Managing Yourself, On Camera Violence, Injury Prevention, Swing Dancing, Knot Tying, Object Manipulation, Cyr Wheel, Hoops, Marketing and Finding Gigs.

After winter break, each student declares a major and minor specialty. Students will train primarily in those two specialties, continuing on with general classes in dance, physical theatre and contortion, through the midterm in April when exclusive training in the major and minor increases to prepare for the showcase performance in May.

Program Fees

The full cost of the 9-month program is $9500. See payment breakdown below.


Dec 7, 2016: Acceptance of Applications Begins
Feb 20, 2017: Early Application Deadline
Mar 6, 2017: Interview Notification for Early Applicants
Mar 22, 2017: Early Application Acceptance Notification – (Acceptance continues thereafter until program is full. $500 Non-Refundable Deposit is due within three weeks of notification.)
April 15, 2017 – $500 non-refundable deposit due
May 10, 2017: Regular Application Deadline
June 15, 2017: First installment of $3,000 due
July 17, 2017: Final Application Deadline
Sept 15, 2017: Second installment of $3,000 due
Sept 18, 2017: Professional Circus Training Program begins
Nov 23 & 24, 2017: Thanksgiving Break
Dec 15, 2017: Final installment of $3,000 due
Dec 23, 2017 – Jan 7, 2018: Winter Break (Dates subject to change)
Jan 15, 2018: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday – No class
March 24 – Apr 1, 2018: Spring Break  (Dates subject to change)
June 1, 2018: Professional Circus Training Program concludes
June 2 & 3, 2018: Final Showcase Performance
All dates and details subject to change

International Students

We are currently working to be able to assist our International students as they apply for Visa’s. To find out where we are in the process, please contact Program Manager Scott.

Contact Us to Schedule a Visit

We want this to be the best fit for you, so consider visiting our facility to see the space that would be your home for 9 months. Send us an email to set up a visit.

View more information on our Partnerships, “A Day in the Circus Life” Pro Training Student Blog, Program Faculty, and Submissions Details & Applications.

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